Opening The Three Centres - Live SoulScaping Sessions


Live Online SoulScaping Sessions To Open Three Centres Of Intelligence

Starting September 13th (1pm UK) and September 14th (8pm UK)

Circle 1 (1pm UK) - 12 Places Left

Circle 2 (8pm UK) - 12 Places Left

"Opening The Three Centres" is a sequence of four live online creative sessions and that will:

  • Develop your three human “superpowers”  of attention, imagination and creativity
  • Creatively nurture a powerful relationship with your awareness, your embodiment and your empathy
  • Bring freedom to pent up energies that can be more usefully used in your life and work and relationships.

This happens through:

  • 4 live virtual sessions over four months personally facilitated by Louis Parsons. (You can join at any time!)
  • Membership of the SoulScape Collective
  • 2 BONUS Self Paced courses and E-Books for those who sign up including 3 self paced courses - “The Power Of Attention”, “SoulScaping - Feeling Truly Alive”

What is SoulScaping?

If you are new to the idea of SoulScaping, then watch this video:

Who is this for?

"Opening The Three Centres" and the practice of SoulScaping is for anyone who feels the call creatively develop awareness through a simple art based method that anyone can do.

In particular its for people who:

  • Feel the urge to express themselves creatively but don't know how. (you do not need to be an artist in any way…!)
  • Already have some kind of spiritual practise, and would somehow like to capture the experiences that you are having in a creative way
  • Feel the urge to be part of a caring and sensitive group to bring creative support and insight to your practice.
  • Experienced SoulScapers: If you are an experienced SoulScaper there will always be fresh content, and a deepening of existing content for your to expand your soul horizons

Why "Open The Three Centres"?

Within all of us is a profound vehicle of awareness to explore this life. We can call this vehicle the "inner world" the "subtle body" or "The Soul."

The Soul, once accessed by the power of your attention and nurtured by your imagination and creativity, becomes brighter clearer and more vivified.

The Soul becomes a means by which we can explore other realms of being, and become more intently present and engaged in this physical realm.

The "side effects" of this (we could call these benefits, but they are not intentionally pursued) can be:

  • A greater sense of aliveness, purpose, and meaning
  • Clarity of inner vision
  • A sense of being uplifted, energised and significant.

The intention of this course is to open up these three centres so that the light of your aliveness can pour through your life more fully.

Live Workshops Schedule:

    These Sessions include:

    1.“Cleansing The Lens Of Perception” - Mind Centre
    Circle 1 - Sep 13, 2023 01:00 PM
    Circle 2 - Sep 14, 2023 08:00 PM
    By cleansing the lens of perception we access the power of attention and enable whatever we pay attention to, to flourish.

    2. “Animating Your Aliveness”- Body Centre
    Circle 1 - Oct 11, 2023 01:00 PM UK
    Circle 2 - Oct 12, 2023 08:00 PM UK
    By attending to our flowing body centre, we truly inhabit our lives in dynamic poise.

    3. “Centering In The Eye Of The Heart” - Heart Centre
    Circle 1 - Nov 15, 2023 01:00 PM UK
    Circle 2 - Nov 16, 2023 08:00 PM UK
    By paying attention to the heart centre, we nurture the intelligences of deep empathy and compassion, for ourselves and for others.

    4. “Circulating Energy through the Three Centres
    Circle 1 - Dec 13, 2023 01:00 PM UK
    Circle 2 - Dec 14, 2023 08:00 PM UK
    By circulating energy through these three centres, we stabilise ourselves and stay grounded, and present in any given moment.

    By the way! You wont miss a thing! Each of these live sessions is recorded and available within 24-48 hours after the session and keep in our beautiful online self paced course learning programme:

     Membership of The SoulScaping Collective

    Alongside the peer learning support you get in the shared space of SoulScaping together, you also get to access the SoulScaping Collective, a membership community carefully crafted to mutually support one another's creativity and energy. 

    The SoulScaping collective is the connective tissue for the community in between sessions, with guidance on life practises, articles, and the holding place of the “Soul Mosaic”

    (See it as a purer, soul-filled "Facebook" to post your work and get hints and tips and articles along the way.)

    See the SoulScaping Collective here. 

    "Opening The Three Centres" - What do you get, and what is the investment?

    This course includes includes:

    • 4 live virtual sessions over four months personally facilitated by Louis Parsons in zoom. (You can join at any time!)
    • Membership of the SoulScape Collective
    • 2 BONUS Self Paced courses and E-Books for those who sign up including 2 self paced courses - “The Power Of Attention”, “SoulScaping - Feeling Truly Alive”


    1. The Power Of Attention  -  Online Course Self Paced Course

    Harness the power of your attention in this simple digital course to give you access to the imaginal realm.

    2. SoulScaping Feeling Truly Alive - (value £195)

    Get in touch with what makes you feel truly alive in this beginner SoulScaping course. You get access to this in the SoulScaping Collective.

    Your Investment for "Opening The Three Centres" programme is: 

    £125 per Session, £500 in total.

    Email: to begin your registration process

    Thankyou so much, and I CANNOT wait to take you into the center or centers of your own SoulScape, and inspire you to experience The Opening Of these three Centres!

    Louis Parsons