Soul Renaissance 2023 - Live SoulScaping Sessions


Live Online SoulScaping Sessions and Retreats to Re-Imagine ourselves and Re-Create our world.

Starting with an Online Retreat January 14th 2023

Circle 1 - 3 Places Left

Circle 2 - 3 Places Left

“The Soul Renaissance” is a sequence of live online creative sessions and that will:

  • Empower you to get deeply in touch with your inner “fluid flame” of aliveness
  • Develop your three human “superpowers”  of attention, imagination and creativity
  • Inspire you to see the many layers of subtle beauty that are already inside you and in the world around you, waiting to be revealed. 

It will help you to see and be part of The World Of Light that is being brought into being through this Soul Renaissance.

This happens through:

  • A sequence of fortnightly live virtual sessions personally facilitated by Louis Parsons. (You can join at any time!)
  • Four Live Online Half Day  “Integration Retreats” at strategic points in the year.
  • Membership of the SoulScape Collective
  • 3 BONUS Self Paced courses and E-Books for those who sign up including 3 self paced courses - “The Power Of Attention”, “SoulScaping - Feeling Truly Alive”  and  “Realising Your Original Self”.

This programme has one aim:  to see you awaken to the World of Light inside you, and around you.

What is SoulScaping?

If you are new to the idea of SoulScaping, then watch this video:

Who is this for?

The Soul Renaissance and the practice of SoulScaping is for anyone who feels the call to reveal the World of Light that you know is already around you, and inside you.

In particular its for people who:

  • Feel the urge to express themselves creatively but don't know how. (you do not need to be an artist in any way…!)
  • Feel the call to something deeper, higher and wider
  • Already have some kind of spiritual practise, and would somehow like to capture the experiences that you are having
  • Feel the urge to be part of a caring and sensitive group to bring creative support and insight to your practice.
  • Experienced SoulScapers: If you are an experienced SoulScaper there will always be fresh content, and a deepening of existing content for your to expand your soul horizons
  • New SoulScapers: If you are happy to jump in at the deep end, and it feels right.. Go for it! :)

Why Soul Renaissance?

There is a World of subtle Light inside us, and around us. It's before our very eyes,  it's at the very edges of our senses. The more we access this world of Light. The more we access this World, the more alive it becomes inside us.

This world is Imaginal. Not imagined. That means it's real. Subtle.. But real. As real as your dreams. As real as the feeling of being held and loved.

Henry Corbin in “Alone With The Alone” says: 

“This world is as real and objective, as consistent and subsistent as the intelligible and sensible worlds; it is an intermediate universe "where the spiritual takes body and the body becomes spiritual,"


For many many years now, we have suffered an increasingly difficult divorce from this World of Light. Our cumulative addiction to the idea that “it's only real if you can measure it” has caused a vicious split in our psyche, and we see this exiled world world as pure “magic” and fantasy.

The result of this is a profound schism in how we see, feel and experience things. In the words of James Hillman: 

“As the soul is without a world so the world is without a soul.”

You can see how damaging this is, just by looking around you. Separation from each other, from nature and from our soul is causing more anxiety and depression than ever, climate change, war… the list goes on and one… all with one single root cause.. separation from Soul.

But it's not all doom and gloom. There is in fact profound Hope…especially when we turn to our inner world to nurture the light that is required to meet the darkness of any challenge.

None of this has caught Divinity by surprise. All pressure pushes us to the edge of ourselves, and that is where Humanity seems to thrive the most. At the edge of ourselves is where our frail human possibility ends, and the impossibility of the world of light begins.

"Re-Souling The World and Re-Worlding The Soul"

It seems that the chosen vehicles of change are our human superpowers of attention, imagination and creativity. 

Whatever you pay attention to flourishes. Pay attention to your garden, your relationships, your soul.. And it flourishes. This is because your attention is a two way gateway to let light into the world. As we soulscape together we focus our attention the the most refined aspects of our being, and enable them to flourish

Your imagination is the materialing organ of the soul. Just as your hands are the creative  aspect of the body,  your imagination is the organ of access to the World of Light. As we SoulScape to let unfurl the wings of our imaginations, we are opening ourselves to see with the eyes of the heart, and feel the world of possibility that is around us.

Creativity makes spirit matter. As we unleash the power of our creativity through us,  in wild attempts to translate what we feel transmitted into art, , we are transformed by the process. We transmute light shadow into light, remove inner obstacles, and begin to make decisions more in line with the world of light. 

This is where our worlds truly begin to change. This is where we Re-World the Soul.

All of these capacities are woven together in the practice of your SoulScaping to let more light into you, and into the world. 

What form does this SoulScaping Sequence take?

Throughout the year we will be holding fortnightly live SoulScaping virtual workshops. 

Though there is a sequence and a structure to these events, they have been deliberately created in such a way that you can join at any point in time.

This sequence of workshops is punctuated by 4 live online ½ day virtual retreats.

All of these workshops are held via zoom, at different times to accommodate most timezone zones in the world.

This results in a number of “SoulScaping Circles”, groups of SoulScapers from all over the world who are committed to SoulScaping with each other.

The titles for these sessions are often announced at the beginning of teaching sessions. This is because they are created as we walk the path together, in resonance with the field that each the SoulScaping Circles generate, and in resonance with that which is required at the time. This process builds trust and openness to the creative journey we are on together.

(Examples of SoulScaping sessions in the past have been: “Opening the Heart”, “Freeing The Mind”, “In your Element. To see a comprehensive list of titles, you can access pre-recorded sessions in “The SoulScaping Collective”.)

Live Workshops and Retreat outline for 2023:

Soul Renaissance Retreat 1: 3-6 pm Saturday 14th January

We begin the year with an expanded creative session exploring our what our deep theme will be for the year, and creating art inspired by our deep theme.

Then our workshops begin:

Phase 1:The Body Of Light

    These Sessions include:

    1.“The Body Of Light” -
    Circle 1 - Jan 18, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 - Jan 19, 2023 08:00 PM
    Here you will develop deeper clarity on what you want to experience more of in the future, so that you dramatically increase the chances of your making it happen.

    2. “TBC”-
    Circle 1 Feb 1, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 Feb 2, 2023 08:00 PM
    In this session we focus on your unique relationship to the present moment, so that you can become fully engaged with how you live your life.

    3. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - Feb 15, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 - Feb 16, 2023 08:00 PM
    Discover how to authentically access the best version of you. By doing this, you create a life more deeply aligned with your core values.

    4. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Mar 1, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 - Mar 2, 2023 08:00 PM
    Experience how you have uniquely overcome one of your greatest obstacles. Through this session you develop courage to face the challenges yet to come.

    5. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Mar 15, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 -  Mar 16, 2023 08:00 PM
    Access that part of you that can get you through thick and thin. As you experience your authentic resilience you can meet challenges with energy and poise.

    6. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - Mar 29, 2023 02:00 PM
    Circle 2 - Mar 30, 2023 08:00 PM
    Find your core purpose deep in the layers of your being. Creating a piece of art from this place enables you to stand more fully in who you really are.


    Soul Integration Retreat 1: 3-6 pm TBC April

    In these expanded sessions we take the time to integrate all that you have learned in each of the courses, we explore different painting techniques, and extended periods of imaginal practise together. This helps you build your creative and contemplative practise and gives you all the space you need to continue to access new depths of being.


    Phase 2: The World Of Light

    “The World Of Light” course explores the next profound image that shapes our psyche - the ”World Image”. This image holds the keys to developing incredible ways of seeing and ways of being. 

    These sessions include:

    1. “The World Of Light” -
    Circle 1 - WEDNESDAY 2pm, April 19th
    Circle 2 - THURSDAY 8pm, April 20th 

    Here we identify what your aliveness looks like as it connects with the generation of the emerging new world. By identifying your aliveness this way, you increase motivation to make the changes you know you are being called to make.

    2. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - 2pm Wednesday 3rd May, 
    Circle 2 - 8pm Thursday May 4th

    In this session you gain clarity on the last time you went through a transformation. By identifying the things that held you back, and how you have been shaped by these trials, you gain fresh confidence to make your new transformation a reality.

    3. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - 2pm Wednesday 17th May
    Circle 2 - 8pm Thursday 18th May

    Creativity is the art of adapting to the unknown. By establishing your own unique connection to the principles of chaos and order, you will be empowered as you balance these dynamic polarities.

    4. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - 2pm, Wednesday Jun 7th
    Circle 2 - 8pm, Thursday June 8th

    Each of us has a unique part of the puzzle to build a new world. The weight that we carry has the seed of the gift we can bring to this new world

    5. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - 2pm, Wednesday June 21st
    Circle 2 - 8pm, Thursday June 22nd

    Experiencing the world as a living being.

    6. “TBC” -
    Circle 1 - 2pm, Wednesday July 5th
    Circle 2 - 8pm, Thursday July 6th

    The world is in birth pains, generating a new humanity in union with divinity and nature.

    Soul Engagement Retreat : 3-6 pm TBC August


    Phase 3: The Celestial Light

    “The Celestial Light” Sessions include:

    1. “The Celestial Light”
    Circle 1 - WEDNESDAY SEPT 13, 2pm
    Circle 2 - THURSDAY SEPT 14, 8pm
    We will reflect on moments of transcendence of the past, and collectively deepen a moment of transcendence together, so that you can get a fresh perspective on who you are.

    2. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Sept 27th, 2pm
    Circle 2 - Sept 28th, 8pm
    The fabric of the cosmos sheds new light on the role of creativity in our lives.

    3. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Oct 11th, 2pm
    Circle 2 - Oct 12th, 8pm
    Seeing the cosmic recycling system, and all fractals of its circulatory systems enables you to experience the aesthetic of energetic recycling in your own body and life.

    4. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Nov 8th, 2pm
    Circle 2 - Nov 9th, 8pm
    The cosmos is formed of archetypal principles that pattern its rise, fall and expansion. These “powers” are like Chords in a symphony. We reframe these essential qualities as part of the creative act.

    5. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Nov 22nd, 2pm
    Circle 2 - Nov 23rd, 8pm
    I share an experience of dissolution from my own imaginal practice, and use it to inspire us how to see different levels of death in relation to the recycling of the energies of the cosmos.

    6. “TBC”
    Circle 1 - Dec 6th, 2pm
    Circle 2 - Dec 7th 8pm

    Bringing all these principles to bear we lay out the roadmap for how we can give birth to a new self, a new world, and a new conception of the universe. Through this we see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and realise all we need is inside us.


    Soul Integration Retreat 3: 3-6 pm  9th December (TBC)


    By the way! You wont miss a thing! Each of these courses is recorded and available within 24-48 hours after the session and keep in our beautiful online self paced course learning programme:

     Membership of The SoulScaping Collective

    Alongside the peer learning support you get in the shared space of SoulScaping together, you also get to access the SoulScaping Collective, a membership community carefully crafted to mutually support one another's creativity and energy. 

    The SoulScaping collective is the connective tissue for the community in between sessions, with guidance on life practises, articles, and the holding place of the “Soul Mosaic”

    (See it as a purer, soul-filled "Facebook" to post your work and get hints and tips and articles along the way.)

    See the SoulScaping Collective here. 

    The Soul Renaissance Programme - What do you get, and what is the investment?

    The Soul Renaissance Programme includes:

    • A sequence of fortnightly live virtual sessions personally facilitated by Louis Parsons. (You can join at any time!). Roughly two sessions a month (or an integration retreat - see below).
    • Four Live Online Half Day  “Integration Retreats” at strategic points in the year.
    • Membership of the SoulScape Collective



    (Click the image ave to find out all about these live SoulScpaing sessions that are included are a bonus)

    2. The Power Of Attention  -  Online Course Self Paced Course

     Harness the power of your attention in this simple digital course to give you access to the imaginal realm.

    3. SoulScaping Feeling Truly Alive - (value £195)

    Get in touch with what makes you feel truly alive in this beginner SoulScaping course. You get access to this in the SoulScaping Collective.

    Your Investment for The Soul Renaissance programme is: 

    £250 per month.

    You can join at any time in the year.

    Email: to begin your registration process

    Thankyou so much, and I CANNOT wait to take you into the center or centers of your own SoulScape, and inspire you to experience your own Soul Renaissance!

    Louis Parsons