SoulScaping - The Path Of Individuation

12 Week Deeper Online Creativity Course - the Return Arc of Realising Your Original Self

Your spiritual and creative journey can take you to the far edges of the cosmos, to beyond the edges of your Soul Image. But where do you go from there?

There is only one way: Back home.

But where is home? 

Heaven? In your body.. on Earth? 

What if it could be both?

Many enlightened souls believe that the only way through this world is to leave it. To escape it. To wait for the blissful day when we can see the pearly gates. 

The physical world can be seen as fallen, broken. Our bodies seem to get in the way of our deepest spiritual realisations.  Our journey so far has enabled us to discover gifts, uncover hurts, heal wounds, and excavate energies. 

We have to integrate these energies and realisations safely, and in a stabilized manner into the centre of our world and back into ourselves

This journey of involution is how we begin to bring heaven back to earth, by grounding it in our bodies, and the everyday realisation of a world that is desperate to be truly seen as it is.

Your true home is back at the centre of your fully Realised Original Self.

That is the work of Individuation

Individuation takes a subtle body, and lines it with diamond. It takes the living gold you have been excavating, and it pumps it through the veins of a new living system.

Individuation enables you to differentiate the voices that aren't you, and the voice that is really yours. You can discern wisdom, love, authority, compulsions, and desires. Each of these are unique stones that can be set in the fabric of your core being.

You see yourself as both unique, and interwoven in the cosmos. You are both the ocean, and the drop. The note, and the orchestra.  You realise you are Unique, The One, and The Many.


The Return Arc Of The Journey

Our journey will take us through a sequence of motifs and emblems drawn from both alchemy, and the hero's journey. 

(I see my role as furnishing your imagination with the richest symbols we can discern, from which we can currently grasp. By doing this, we give our collective imagination the best opportunity to realise its rich inner potentials.)

I have arranged these deep symbolic patterns in a sequence of dynamic polarities, to ensure you strike your own inner balance, for what if required for your energies right now.

These polarities will have you develop:

  • Richer discernment of your inner voices
  • A deep connection with inner wisdom
  • A living relationship with your power to create
  • A living relationship with your power to destroy that which limits you
  • A life of dynamic poise and better decision making

    As part of this dynamic synthesis three of these sessions will be created as take this journey into the unknown together.

    “SoulScaping - The Path Of Individuation” has one aim: To integrate your aliveness into the core of your being.

    This is a 12 week course with:

    1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
    2. Sessions are recorded, and included in your online learning platform
    3. Group numbers are limited to 8 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

    These Sessions include:

      1. “The Prima Materia - Light and Shadow” - Apr 22, 2021 08:30 PM
        We will reflect on moments in or core being, and collectively deepen a moment of transcendence together, so that you can get a fresh perspective on who you are.

      2. “The Polarity of Masculine And Feminine”- Apr 29, 2021 08:30 PM
        Looking at these polarities of how the universe operates sheds new light on the roles of feminine and maculine power in our own lives.

      3. “Creation/Destruction - Riding The Dragon” - May 13, 2021 08:30 PM
        Seeing the cosmic recycling system, and all fractals of its circulatory systems enables you to experience the aesthetic of energetic recycling in your own body and life.

      4. “The Sophic Voice Of Wisdom - Child and Sage” - May 27, 2021 08:30 PM
        The cosmos is formed of archetypal principles that pattern its rise, fall and expansion. These “powers” are like Chords in a symphony. We reframe these essential qualities as part of the creative act.

      5. “The Inner Healer” - Jun 10, 2021 08:30 PM
        I share an experience of dissolution from my own imaginal practice, and use it to inspire us how to see different levels of death in relation to the recycling of the energies of the cosmos.

      6. “Love - The Elixir Of Life” - Jun 24, 2021 08:30 PM
        Bringing all these principles to bear we lay out the roadmap for how we can give birth to a new self, a new world, and a new conception of the universe. Through this we see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and realise all we need is inside us.

    This is a high touch program with numbers limited to 8 to ensure full quality peer experience for every session.

    The SoulScape process has evolved to another level thanks to people like you that I have had the honor to work with. It's become more than a painting, it's become a way in which we can explore spiritual realities together. Maybe this is what it was always destined to be.

    This course continues to feel like the most profound of my work to date. 

    It is my unifying masterwork, it goes deeper and further than anything I have ever created.

    I've wanted to make it as affordable as I can whilst also making sure those who join truly see the value of the power of their own creativity.

    For group I'm continuing to offer it at £233 a month for three months. (£699 total). 

    I really look forward to enabling you to explore and embody “The Path Of Individuation” through the power of SoulScaping together,