SoulScaping - World Soul Renaissance


The World Soul Renaissance Program delves deeper into the ”World Image” and "Soul Image". Each of these images holds the keys to developing incredible ways of seeing and ways of being. 

The world image is how you look at the world, and how the world has shaped you. By creating art from this place, you will break through layers and potentials, unearth gifts and insights, and liberate your awareness from how the world patterns have shaped you. 

Art has a habit of changing the world. Combined with a sustained imaginal practise you will see the world in a whole new way, and see how your creativity contributes to the new world that is currently emerging.

The soul image gives you direct access to the deepest and highest layers of reality. Here we explore some of the furthest reaches of the cosmos, and the imagination, and relate them directly to our current life experience. These awareness expanding experiences will reshape and remould the paradigm that holds all me, you and of humanity back in being the fullest and best version of itself that it can be. 

There are 18 sessions in total comprising 12 fixed session outlines plus 6 unique sessions.

It can also involve me personally creating your SoulScape artwork (as an oil pastel original).

Session outlines include:

  1. The world you are creating
  2. When your world changed
  3. Realising Abundance
  4. The fractal patterns of the cosmos
  5. Moments of Transcendence
  6. Generating Reality
  7. What the SoulScape really is
  8. Overcoming the fear of death

Each of these sessions helps de-program us from the mechanistic world view, and live a fuller, deeper, more meaningful life that is aligned with the energies of the Psyche that are liberated through this process. We are careful to weave these experiences back into a grounded and embodied way. 

Course Description

This is a nine month course with:

  1. 18 live 2 hour zoom sessions. (Sessions are recorded, and included in your online learning platform which includes a beautiful pdf, an imaginal visualization, and video of each session. I personally  generate 6 live sessions to uniquely meet with and expand the need of the group, as we evolve and grow together.
  2. 3 one to one sessions with me
  3. Creating your own digital Soul Map
  4. Developing a soulSpaing Journal and SoulScaping Art Kit
  5. A Virtual Half Day SoulScaping Retreat 
  6. Optional extra:  Creation of your SoulScape Oil Pastel artwork (value £1250)

Group numbers are limited to 6 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

Price for Second Stage Deep Journey:  £295 a month for nine months (£2655)

OR with me creating your SoulScape: £395 a month for nine months (£3555)



There is an option to upgrade to the creation of an canvas SoulScape at any time, with a supplemental fee dependent on the size of your artwork. 

The first course starts Friday 18th September at 2pm. We meet bi-weekly at these times.