Before Silence

First Breath

“The first breath of Light,

Roar of silent form.

Everything in that moment,

Contained in this One.”

It's in the singular breath of silence that we feel most held. 

There is silence between words. There is silence between breaths.

Silence holds the structure of life in a delicate, beautiful symmetry. The invisible roots, and the visible branches of reality penetrate, feed, and animate, everything. From the quark, to the hand, the eye, the river, and the tree itself. This pattern of nature, this fractal of the universe, is inescapable.

It's here that the rhythm of life begins.

It expands and contracts between the observed polarities of masculine and feminine, creation and destruction, particle and wave, formlessness and form.

This creative tension, held in the silence of the vibrating moment, gives birth to the plurality of potentials, the Multiverse of possibilities.

One Thing is Certain

As you feel back to the first branch of light, beyond the depths of your soul, notice that you can travel down the spiral. Or up the spiral. It’s your choice.

At this level of foaming, not-knowing, pre-reality, you can be certain of only one thing: 



Everything…. Is teeming with life.

As the wave returns to the ocean.

Form rises.

Form falls.

Mind and matter make the mirror looking back in on itself. Realising itself, through you. Through me. Through everything.

Maybe,as you look at this piece, you see the universe looking back at you.

Maybe God is looking at the universe through your eyes.

It’s before space, before time, before form, before silence itself, that you find the true fabric of your being.

Make of it what you will.

I make it…. Love.


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