A SoulScape is both an extraordinary work of art and a process of self-discovery. It is an oil-on-canvas painting that captures the ‘inspired you’ – the inner qualities that make you truly unique.

 "SoulScapes Book"

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You are not only your SoulScape’s inspiration, its origin – you are also an active partner in its creation, and this partnership becomes an unforgettable part of your whole experience.

When I first meet with you, I ask, ‘Imagine you have the perfect work of art. Imagine it is already created. What would you want to experience as you look at the piece?’

In addition to being a master painter, I am also an accredited life coach. This enables me to help people clearly articulate to themselves the significance of their own life story. I’ll ask things like, ‘What inspires you? What drives you? What is truly important to you?’ 

People who commission a SoulScape are usually at a pivotal point in their lives. They have achieved something or reached an important milestone and quite often they feel a pull to examine the meaning of their lives from a fresh, new vantage.

As I listen and guide your self-exploration, I pick up what is most unique and compelling about your life story, as well as your deepest hopes for the future. This is what I translate into oil on canvas – I am capturing the ‘inspired you’. And so really, I am painting who you are deep down.

Because of this, a SoulScape is forward looking. It has a way of taking your experiences, your loves, your dreams and reflecting them back to you with new potentialities. It has a way of opening you to your interior horizon, that which you yearn for, that which is awaiting you.

As some patrons said:
“My SoulScape shows me who I am becoming. I feel very joyful when I see it and it reminds me of my mission in the world.”

“Every time we look at it we see and feel something new. We discover a piece of us that we had forgotten existed. We discover a piece of us that is still yet to come.”

“Family see it and understand everything. Sometimes I catch the kids just standing and staring at it – quietly lost in it, seeing their own dreams and futures – feeling their own souls in the universe.”

The abstract and expressive style I use allows your painting to have multiple levels of meaning. Using colours and forms that you help choose, I paint layer upon layer so that, as you develop a relationship with your SoulScape, something new will speak to you each time you look at it.

In other words, as you evolve, so does your SoulScape. It continually sheds new light on where you’ve come from, where you are now, and where you are going. This multi-dimensionality is in part what makes the aesthetics of a SoulScape unique in the world of portraiture.

I passionately believe that a new era of art has emerged. Art is no longer about parody, irony, cleverness, or adorning your walls with expensive wall paper.

Instead, we are returning to inspiration and beauty. We are entering a New Renaissance.

Once again we will see awe inspiring works like those of Michelangelo, Rodin, and Van Gogh, but with one crucial distinction: the purpose of this new art is to help you reach the fullness of your vision.

In short, art is no longer about the artist. It is about you.

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