Into The Studio

A Virtual Private View of my Artwork and An Inspiring Talk on an Aspect Of "Soul As Symphony"

Thursday August 17th 8pm UK 

Theme: "The Temple Of Light"

Join this inspiring session to experience the vital depths of some of my original oil on canvas paintings.

In this Virtual Private View we will:

  • Use the power of art to explore and nourish the "Soul Capacities" they ignite inside you.
  • Learn to use the power of your  attention to flourish these capacities in your being.
  • Have a Q and A to explore any aspects of this inquiry

There is an opportunity to ask more questions and, if it feels right to do so, to invest in an Oil On Canvas original painting, or a limited edition print of the artwork.

(Bring a glass of prosecco if you wish :) 

The theme for this session is: "The Temple Of Light" 

1. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS LIST which shows a list of original Oil On Canvas paintings. In the course of these Virtual Private Views - we will be looking at these in depth. Look at each one. Does one of them speak to you, quietly in the depths of your being?

If it really stirs something deep inside them email it could be this is a painting that was created with you "in mind."

2. THEN: Make sure you sign up to the ZOOM link below

Why a Private View?

There was a time… not so long ago, when art was contemplated as a window to divinity. It was a divine transmission of possibility, hope and wonder. This culminated in the development of religious and spiritual iconography, in many traditions. Like many aspects of our interior life, this practice has been exiled.

When I create a painting, I have a blank canvas.. I think of someone.. I imagine light pouring out of my heart from divinity, through my arms onto the canvas It's like a baptism of light.… it's rare I know who the painting is for, but I set an intention… to create “hope” or “love” or radiant fluidity into that person, couple’s or family's life.

I access an aspect of my own deep spiritual experiences, and excavate it… forge it, turn that subtle energy into layer upon layer of subtle light-consolidated life force and energy and ultimately into a painting…

I create with this express purpose: The flourishing of your soul. 

It is as equally important to the creation of these painting that loving homes are them. Really this is a matter of finding who these paintings were always intended for.

You see, an artwork is incomplete until it is in the right home, with the right person, contemplating it, and unlocking all of the gorgeous divine radiance that has been captured in its vivid colours and vibrant dancing textures.

And.. it could be you!

Sign Up Using This Link:

July 6th, 2022 01:00 PM London

Timings -

Each Private view lasts about 60 minutes.

The timing outline looks something like this:

Introduction: The Theme  - 5 mins

Imaginal Practise - Use the power of your Imagination With Upto 3 Artworks - 30 mins

Explore the theme within The Context Of The Soul Renaissance -  10 mins

Q and A and Invitation - 10 mins

It's ideal to set up your tablet or laptop where you can expand the screen, and feel really immersed in the work.

Turn off notifications on the device you are using too.

I look forward to seeing you online!


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Theme: "Faith, Hope and Love"