Chaos and Order


Take a look at this continuum:

Extreme Chaos - Good Chaos - "X" - Good Order - Extreme Order

Where would you say you are? On a good day? On a bad day? What is your centre of gravity? Where would you like to be? Where is the world? Our society? Write down a short answer to each of these.

And now what is that sweet spot in the middle? X = FLOW Flow is good. The goldilocks moment where conditions are “just right”. This is how life thrives, in goldilocks moments when the conditions are just right for the whole system to thrive. If we 10,000 miles away further than the sun, life would not be here as we know it. If we lose our way between the river banks, we will not thrive.

Well stay stuck, or well get overwhelmed.

Moments of flow get refracted through our world image. Flow enables the rest of the system to flourish whilst you feel centered and engaged. It enables you to give everything you have whilst being part of the whole. By realising that these moments of flow are not only for you but for the world around us, we re-contextualize them within the context of a living world.

We have all experienced moments across this whole whole continuum. The flat spin when you lose your keys, or lose something precious to us. The obsessing over the details that you can't possibly ever know about, because they are unknown. When are you most in flow, and when do you know this flow is in service to the whole? The more aware we are of these riverbanks, the more we can get back into flow. Once you have reflected on this, you are ready for your next exercise.