Practising Presence


Presencing serves as a two-way gateway to loving pure silence. It's a center of consciousness, dynamically alive and generative. Its primary language is that of radiating love and awareness. Other centers, which I affectionately refer to as "wings centers," support this awareness. This playful framework, not a typology, draws inspiration from the Enneagram and the angelic body's wings, symbolizing states of consciousness.

Presencing is the realm of the mind, where awareness and consciousness converge. In Sufi teachings, it's often referred to as cleansing the lens of perception. I chose to start here because as we expand our attention, we activate the other centers. 

After all, what would any of this be without awareness? 

It's profound to realize that we are centers of presence, capable of both generating and modulating our presence. Moreover, there's something transcendent that opens this portal of presence. What is it? Have we experienced it? I can share my experiences, but SoulScaping isn't about that. It's about identifying moments of aliveness that align with the centers, refining them to create a framework. Think of it as a form of soul acupuncture, aligning these "prisms of light" to resonate with greater brightness throughout the system.

When contemplating presencing, I associate it with a center around here  (A centre in middle of my forehead)

 It feels like a lens of light, connecting me to something beyond, making me aware of my entire body and the field of aliveness around me. 

Presence isn't a one-way street; it's a two-way exchange. We allow things in, keep things out, and a sentient force beyond us accesses us through it. We can also contribute our presence to the world. 

Ultimately, it's a home, a sense of pure, loving silence.

For example, one presence experience I had involved holding hands with my son, with light pouring onto our intertwined hands. I observed branching patterns and felt a fiery light emanating from the moment. While we don't need to assign specific meanings, this moment represented a profound, interwoven connection, symbolized by the branching patterns, and a sense of being agents of loving change, represented by the fire.

"The Infinite Touch" - By Louis Parsons

Each moment holds such potential, waiting for us to harvest light and beauty through presence, gently noticing the patterns and elements present. Presencing is a beautiful place to start our journey.

This is an excerpt from the Soul As Symphony - SoulScaping course.

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