SoulScaping - When My World Changed

You think the world is one way, then something happens, and you realize its another way. The firm ground of reality you have been standing on all this time, turns out to be thin ice. Cracks appear. The Idea doesn't hold the weight of what you are now seeing and experiencing, and you slip through.
Bubbles burst. Empires fall. Scientific realities are proven false. Lies are told and believed. Some are like this: "Magic doesn't exist. God isn't real." "I thought I was loved, but now my heart is broken.","I thought you were a good person, how could you do this?"
All of these have a way of eroding the edges of what we hold dear. Its hard. It happens to all of us. For some of us, it happens many times. But then, something that's been holding you back splits. The silent shell of quietly held belief that was protecting you was also holding you back.
There is immense power in revisiting a time in the past when you thought the world was one way, but you found it out it wasn't. It takes courage.. but it just goes to show you that world views are like shells. You can change them if you wish.
 Can you think of a time when you had a realization like this? When the painful circumstance hit? or world shattering realization of a new way opened your eyes? When you shed the old layers, and your senses expanded? I would like you to recall it, gently to mind. Turn it over inside you, like a stone. Maybe you even become a better person through it all. Are you ready?
When you are listen to this guided practise: