What Is The True Value Of Art?



 Being a full-time artist, you know, many say this is the holy grail of being an artist, to live fully from what you love to do - creating. It's an amazing thing, but also really hard. One of the biggest headaches is how to put a price on your artwork. That boils down to what we consider valuable.

Often, the value of art gets tied to things like, "this is the last one," or "this is the only one of these ever made." Originality and uniqueness are important, and sure, they add value. But a lot of the art world gets stuck on this scarcity thing, where we only want something because nobody else can have it. So you see a lot of, "these are the last few prints," or stuff like that.

But let's consider another side to this. The physical beauty of the artwork, the story it tells. Maybe it shows a slice of someone's life, or it captures the feeling of a specific time and place. History-filled art gives us a glimpse into what the world was like back then, like peeking into another world. Some stories are true, some aren't, some are made up or twisted to fit the narrative. So, you might value the beauty, the story, or the fact it's the last one.

Despite all this, I think there's a big piece missing. We focus a lot on scarcity, originality, and storytelling. But the best part of art is the feeling of life it gives you. It's a shame that some amazing pieces end up hidden in a safe, out of sight. We can't even get close or really feel them, which denies the most valuable part of art.

A painting, any artwork, anything beautiful, especially handcrafted ones, can awaken something in you.

If a piece "has your name on it", that to me is priceless. If it can spark energy in you, that's incredible.

Energy is even more valuable than time. Time might be worth more than money, but if you've no energy, then you've wasted time.

It's like we've built our world from the outside in, while art helps us build it from the inside out.

Art can awaken energy within you and make you create time for that energy.

Building a relationship with an artwork is key. That's what I want us to do in these sessions. Learn how to build a connection with the artwork, to get as much from it as we give to it. It can open up realms and possibilities and spark energies within you. Why? Because those energies are already inside you. All artwork does, when created with the right intention, is bring out those energies.

So, I invite you to these sessions to discover the real value of art.