Why Is Art Powerful?



"I believe in the power of art to transform us to help us see more and feel more," and that's at the heart of what I do. Art helps us see and understand more, not just about the world around us, but also about ourselves. It's been used like this for hundreds, even thousands of years.

But here's a crazy thing: most artworks only get about seven seconds of someone's time. Think about that. Artists put so much work into their pieces, and yet, most people barely give it a moment. I find that amazing.

In the sessions I run, I ask people to spend a bit more time with the art. Maybe a minute or two, just to see what comes up. I promise, you'll start to notice and think about things you hadn't before. And often, what you see says more about you than the art itself.

You might like my artwork and want to get a piece of your own, whether it's an original or a print. But even if you don't, there's something to gain here. You can use this same way of looking at things, really noticing them, with anything. It could be a tree, your own hand, or your child's eyes. It's all about paying more attention.

My paintings are made with the hope that they can be doorways to somewhere else, somewhere that'll give you a bit more energy, a bit more inspiration. And I'll be honest, I don't always know what's in these paintings until we look at them together.

If you feel a pull towards a piece, you're always welcome to come and see it in my studio. I can't wait to see what we'll find in these paintings together.

You can sign up for these sessions using the link below. I'm really looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks so much.