Your Unique Way Of Being


Put yourself into a moment when you really show up, and you are giving your gift.

Just consider, Where are you?, What you are you doing? Who are you with? What can you see hear, taste, touch and smell? How do all of these sensations make you feel inside right now?

Place attention on that feeling inside you.Now, using your Imagination, make all of these textures of experience what you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch… make them become transparent. Like glass. Even the flavours and the smells.

Place your attention back on that feeling inside you. Notice, as you do so, it becomes even more real. It flourishes. It grows. It becomes so real it's as though you can hold onto it. Touch it. Maybe even enter into it. You see colours.

What colours best describe this experience? What are the colours doing? Are they moving? Are they still? What could you use from nature to describe the quality of this experience? Take a moment to write the answers down in your journal.