“Wild Ecstatic Dance...” - Oil On Canvas

“Wild Ecstatic Dance...” - Oil On Canvas

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"Wild Ecstatic Dance…” (The Human Story - FOUR)


"Kicking and screaming
at the edge of Power,
erupting in wild ecstatic Dance.
You will hear and feel my voice."

Original Oil On Canvas. 130 cm x 130 cm (40 x 40")

The Human Story in an art collection that is a visceral image of hope, in a chaotic world desperate for direction and harmony.

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These paintings provide a powerful storytelling tool for us to reimagine what it means to be truly human, and recreate a world that works for all.

These 10 individual panels are vast in scope and size. Starting from the Big Bang (Human Story 1 – 100  x 100 cm), Through five distinct revolutions of human growth and worldview (Human Story 2-6 – 110 x 110 cm to 160 x 160 cm), to where we are now (Human Story 7 – 170 x 170 cm), to three possible human futures (Human Story 8-10 – 180 x 180 cm to 190 x 190 cm).

Each painting is both a window and a mirror. In contemplating each painting, you reflect on your own unique stages of growth through life, work, and culture, and see your own story interwoven in the vast reaches of these meta narratives, the cultural programs that run our lives. As a window, they provide unique insight into the worldviews of those around us. Each of these paintings is a range of possibility, a set of rose- (or red- or orange-) tinted spectacles that we wear but are unaware of. By making ourselves aware of these deep layers of programming, we can find new life and new possibilities inside us.

Through a guided visioning practise, you can be nudged towards a series of experiential openings that show us just how deeply invested we are in each other.

Original Oil on Canvas artwork is built upon many washes of colour, textures and oriental papers to obtain a delicate textured surface that feels vibrant, alive and unique. These are finished with thin and dense layers of oil paint on canvas to reflect a beautiful luminosity into your living or work space.

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