Animating The Soul Of The World

 6 Live Online Creativity Sessions, and One Virtual Retreat to Animate The Soul Of The World

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(This course is included in The Soul Realisation Programme)


Since we started the year Ive been thinking deeply about the role of this course.

How do we really realize our souls?

Often they have to go through a time of intense pressure and change for us to see who we really are.

To come home is really to find our home in "The Soul Of The World". This is more than a Mythology. Its a reality.

Maybe this is why we feel "de-homed." It's a truly horrific thing to be forcibly removed from your physical home. Yet, maybe we are a refugee from our own “Soul World” without even realising it. We have got so used to being separate from the Heavenly Realities of Soul Realisation, that we treat our planet like a resource, we see each other as separate from one another, and from soul, and so anxiety and worry is more rife than ever before, and we are slowly burning our physical home to the ground, whilst we are still in it.

These intense physical realities need to be addressed, and so do the root causes of these realities.

Maybe it's time we breathed life back into this simple animating truth - that we are The Soul Of the World. Maybe this will get to the root of all pain.. maybe.. it could be the war of love to end all wars.

The world we find ourselves in, is going through a series of extraordinary surface changes. There is only one force on earth equal in the challenge of meeting this time of intense shifting: The Imagination.

War may seem like an extreme analogy to use, and its in times like these that we can really question the power of darkness. Is it really an active force that we can call “evil” or is it just the “absence of light?” In either case, the answer is still the same: To actively magnify the light within us, to gently turn a spark into a flame inside that is able to meet the eye of the darkness, and show it where to go.

If this is a war, it's an alchemical war of imagination, or love, and of active transmutation of shadow. This is how to “love our enemies” through engaging the imagination, and turning darkness to light. 

The Imagination gives us direct access to a powerful reality of possibilities that is always with us. The World Soul opens up a vibrant plenum of aliveness that truly energies, and animates us.

Arguably, this is the one thing that the world needs most to shift, and to change in all of us. By identifying the deep imaginal rhythms of grace beneath our feet, in our bodies, and in front of our faces, we can break through to a whole new you, and a whole new world. 

This will be conducted through an exploration of the elements and the the subtle energy circulatory systems that emanate through the centres of our being.

By creating art from this place, you will break through layers and identify potentials, unearth gifts and insights, and liberate your awareness from how the world patterns have shaped you. 

"SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe. Through the step-by-step approach you are using, I can connect my head with my heart, come into a flow of creativity and let my hands express my inner feelings. I happy, grateful and delighted to be part of that transformative process." H.L Course Participant

In this entirely unique experience we truly build the path as we walk it. The course is comprised of 6 uniquely crafted sessions that are named as we forge this pathway together. This is followed by a 3 hour Virtual "Integration Retreat"

Working titles for These Sessions outlines and dates are:

1. “Seeing The Garden Of The Soul” - Circle 1 -2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Thursday May 5th
Seeing the soul as a garden.

2. “Reviving The Tree of Life” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, May 19th
Seeing Imagination as the tree of life.

3. “The Elemental Bodies” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Jun 2nd
Rivers of Life pouring through us.

4. “Riding the Creature Of Light” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Jun 16th
Surfing energy states.
5. “The Bridge Of Purification” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Jun 30th
Coming face to face with the light within.

6. “The Celestial Sun” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Jul 14th
Meeting the centre of centres.

Group numbers are limited to 6 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

Each of these sessions helps de-program us from the mechanistic world view, and live a fuller, deeper, more meaningful life that is aligned with the energies of the Soul Of The World that are liberated through this process. We are careful to weave these experiences back into a grounded and embodied way. 

This is followed by a 3 hour Virtual Integration Retreat:


In this 3 hour Virtual Integration we take the time to integrate all that you have learned in the course. We explore different painting techniques, and extended periods of imaginal practise together. This helps you build your creative and contemplative practise and gives you all the space you need to continue to access new depths of being.

"Animating The Soul Of The World" Course Description

  1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
  2. I personally generate live sessions to uniquely meet with and expand the needs of the group, as we evolve and grow together.
  3. Group numbers are limited to 6 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.
  4. PLUS : 3 Hour Virtual Integration Retreat 

This course including the Retreat can be taken for four monthly payments of £250 (£1000 in total).

BONUS: Get access to "Re-Visioning Humanity" an Online Self Paced Course worth £295.

PLUS Access to The SoulScaping Collective.

("Animating Soul Of The World" is included from May to July in The Soul Realisation Programme.)

"SoulScaping for me has opened a new world. I have not painted for many years (& I am truly an amateur), so it was lots of fun to start again. But now, in the process, I realize that it is a lot more than "just painting", even a lot more than being creative."

This course including the Retreat can be taken for four monthly payments of £250 (£1000 in total).

If funding this is a real concern for you there are two Scholarship Places available. Please contact me if you are interested in one of these.

As this is such an intimate course, I want to know this is right of you, for me, and the group that is forming. If you feel this is for you please email me at and we will arrange a preliminary zoom conversation to connect. 

Email me at

I really look forward to enabling you to come home to "Animating The Soul Of The World" through the power of SoulScaping together,