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SOULSCAPING - "Feeling Truly Alive"

SoulScaping is the art of using your imagination and our creativity to discover who you really are.

This first session involves you creating a piece of art inspired by a time when you feel truly alive.

You don't need an artistic bone in your body to do it (I promise!)

You just the ability to worry.  I know that sounds strange, but worry is creativity. If you are good at worrying you will love this.

Over 3000 people have created Soulscapes. From orphans in Zambia through to 230 people at Microsoft. I've been doing this through the lens of a leadership development workshop with companies for over 15 years. There are tons of benefits from doing this as a group practise including:

- Developing the power of your attention

- Realising the power of your Imagination

- Freeing up the power of your creativity

- Connecting authentically with others


Next Zoom Meeting:

Tuesday Dec 14th, 2021 03:00 PM



Download: to the first stage of the SoulScape process.

Please read this through, and it will give you a first impression of what we will be creating together. We will be doing a slightly simplified version of this, in that you only need simple art materials. 

Please have a journal and pen ready, and look at the art materials list below.

Ideally you have paint and paper, your fingers and cloths… the rest is a bonus.

ANY ART MATERIALS WILL DO. Pens, paper,.....anything… We need to be resourceful in these times :)

See if you can find these art materials in a cupboard or attic somewhere, or local shops have most of this!

If not, I've included links. 



(This Painting Kit covers everything)

Or you can build your own set:

-A set of acrylic paints

-Painting Paper


-A small canvas/canvas board or two

-A cup of water (for paints)

-Jay (cleaning) cloths to paint with (way more fun!) If you don't have any under your kitchen sink, then something like this.

Bonus materials:

-Sparkly bits! (gold or pearl look awesome)


(If you really get into this, i'll show you a couple of other SoulScaping kits made of other art materials, including what I use!)

On that, please make sure you have access to a reliable internet connection! :)

The timing outline looks something like this:

Introductions - 5 mins

How do you feel about creating? - 5 mins

Looking at an artwork - 10 mins

Group visualisation “When do you feel truly alive? - 5 mins

Write it down - 5 mins

Share in pairs - 10 mins

Rules of Creating and crash course in creating  - 5 mins

Paint! - 20 mins

Private View - Feedback circle of art - 40 mins. (This is AWESOME!)

World Soul Mosaic and an Invitation - 5 mins

It's ideal to set up your tablet or laptop next to your art materials, and make sure you roll up your sleeves, and cover your painting area with paper or table cloth, so you don't get paint on your favourite or table!

Turn off notifications on the device you are using too.

I look forward to seeing you online!