SoulScaping - THRIVING Through Soul Alchemy

16 Week Deeper Online Creativity Course

to Uncover Your Soul Image

(This course is included in The Soul Realisation Programme)

“Thriving Through Soul Alchemy” has one aim: To release true prosperity that realises soul growth.

This is a 12 week course with:

  1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
  2. Sessions are recorded, and included in your online learning platform
  3. Group numbers are limited to 6 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

We will begin by 

This is the current universe myth: We are the product of a machine-like universe. We are surrounded by “things in space” suspended in a disconnected and cold vacuum. The inevitable expansion of this universe results in a heat death of everything. If we really let that image of the universe seep into our soul, it will shape us one way:  It riddles us with existential fear.

There is another version of the universe myth:  We are a significant part of a shimmering cosmos that is alive with radiant beauty, that breathes conscious life, and is resplendently alive in us, in all its cycles of life and death and rebirth. 

This Cosmos wants to be seen and known and felt through your eyes, your hands and your heart. If you let that permeate your soul, then it can shape you in an entirely different way: It can build existential trust.

This trust does not take pain and suffering away. It gives us a foundation of light to stand on. It offers us a way of reorienting ourselves to the full spectrum of life's experience.

This journey is not for the faint hearted. It takes courage and vulnerability to peer into the eyes of the cosmos and answer some of life's ultimate questions. Who are we? What is the universe? Where did we come from and where do we ultimately go?

I can promise you that with every courageous step, you will feel more alive, challenged, cantred and whole. Behind the veils of mystery, behind the fear, behind the awe of creation lies a universe of possibility.

As we continue to SoulScape together we will collectively uncover a rich tapestry of unique symphonic experiences. I trust that together we can regain fresh perspective, and re-orient ourselves  to life in a whole new way.

Together we will explore ways to:

  • Build Existential trust
  • Have the courage to face of the unknown
  • Bottle (though art and practise) your richest and deepest spiritual insights
  • Continue to nurture profound collective and creative relationships
  • These qualities are also the qualities that you and the world need right now, as we learn to creatively adapt to dark edges of the unknown.

    “THRIVING Through Soul Alchemy” has one aim:

    To stabilise a heart, mind and body centred realisation of diamond light.

    This is a 12 week course with:

    1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
    2. Sessions are recorded, and can be made available to you
    3. Group numbers are limited to 12 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

    These Sessions include:

    1.“Your Vision Of Prosperity” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, WEDNESDAY Sep 7th
    Prosperity is now. What is your picture of prosperity to be held at the centre of cosmic creativity? We set an intention to materialise a vision of abundance together.

    2.“The Living Temple Of Crystal And Gold”- Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, WEDNESDAY Sep 21
    We will use the rich alchemical picture of the temple of Heaven to actualise Prosperity. Heaven on earth is the releasing of this temple of possibilities, collectively created through our open heart, and commitment to service.

    3. “Paved with The Gold Of Faith” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Oct 5
    Transparent gold is the fabric of the temple. What is this gold?

    4. “Foundations of Luminescent Crystal Clarity” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Oct 19
    The diamond clarity and simplicity of knowing why we are here manifest prosperity.

    5. “Entry Through The Pearl Of Great Price” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Nov 2
    What do prosperity and suffering have in common? Does suffering get in the way or crystallise our growth?

    6. “Realising True Soul Prosperity - Constant Creative Engagement - Striking The Middle C” - Circle 1 - 2pm, Circle 2 - 8pm, Nov 16
    Bringing all these principles to bear we lay out the roadmap for how we can give birth to a new self, a new world, and a new conception of the universe. Through this we see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and realise all we need is inside us.

    This is a high touch program with numbers limited to 6 to ensure full quality peer experience for every session.

    The SoulScape process has evolved to another level thanks to people like you that I have had the honor to work with. It's become more than a painting, it's become a way in which we can explore spiritual realities together. Maybe this is what it was always destined to be.

    This course continues to feel like the most profound of my work to date. 

    It is my unifying masterwork, it goes deeper and further than anything I have ever created.

    I've wanted to make it as affordable as I can whilst also making sure those who join truly see the value of the power of their own creativity.

    This course can be taken for £1000 or £250 a month as part of the Soul Alignment Program. This includes the Soul Integration Retreat held on December 3rd.


    In these expanded sessions we take the time to integrate all that you have learned in each of the courses, we explore different painting techniques, and extended periods of imaginal practise together. This helps you build your creative and contemplative practise and gives you all the space you need to continue to access new depths of being.

    (This course is included in The Soul Realisation Programme)

    As this is such an intimate course, I want to know this is right of you, for me, and the group that is forming. If you feel this is for you please email me at and we will arrange a preliminary zoom conversation to connect. 

    I really look forward to enabling you to explore and embody “Diamond Light” through the power of SoulScaping together,