SoulScaping Imaginal Practise

SOULSCAPING Imaginal Practise (Q and A) - "Soul As Symphony"

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“Soul As Symphony” - August 23rd 1:00 PM UK

This is an opportunity to explore the SoulScape map together and engage in an imaginal practise in soul as symphony.

The SoulScape is an effervescent, ever-changing vehicle that can be explored and made substantial by the power of attention, imagination and creativity.

The side-effects of creating art inspired by your moments of aliveness are numerous and exciting! In this session we'll explore what the SoulScape is, and what the benefits are to you, your life and this world.

You'll experience an imaginal practise and journaling exercise from your inner symphony of light, and be welcomed to explore this stillness through the future course of "Opening The Three Centres".

There will also be time for questions and answers.

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Thankyou so much, and I CANNOT wait to take you into the center or centers of your own SoulScape,

Louis Parsons