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Monthly live creative sessions, and community membership portal to light up your inner world.

Ignite Awe - Awaken Creativity - Transform our World

4th Thursday of Each Month 8pm UK (See Dates Below) 

Our Next Session is:

"SoulScaping: Creating The Future" - 25th January 8pm UK


SoulScaping is a gentle creative path of self exploration that will:

  • Enable you to light up your imagination and creativity
  • Inspire a clearer sense of purpose, vitality and inner direction.
  • Support you on a trust-imbued, journey of transformation with other SoulScapers journeying with you.
  • Challenge you see what's holding you back in expressing your true being, and gifts in the world.

This happens through:

  • Monthly live virtual SoulScaping sessions personally facilitated by Louis Parsons, (occasionally with help from experienced SoulScapers)
  • An Online Course and Membership of the SoulScape Collective, a community to help maintain learning and inspiration in between sessions
  • Live sessions are recorded, and held in a beautiful online course format, so you don't miss a single thing.
  • Immediate Access to FOUR BONUS Self Paced courses and Ebooks: including access to recordings of “The Power OF Attention” “SoulScaping: Feeling Truly alive” , “The Soul Notes”  and “The Soul Chords”. These powerful courses enable you to develop your own personal SoulScaping practice in your own time and at your own pace.

This practise has one aim:  to light up your inner world!

"The SoulScape"

Who is this for?

The practice of SoulScaping is for anyone who feels the call to reveal the more of the soul inside you. This pathway is for people wanting to experience creative and authentic transformation, who may be experiencing stress or worry and who want a gentle path to overcome this.*

You do not need any artistic experience to do this. (Experienced and Inexperienced SoulScapers will receive great benefit from taking this course!)

*Please note, that this is not a clinical intervention to help clinical depression, anxiety or deep trauma. If you experience this please seek the help of a medical professional.)

In particular its for people who:

  • Feel the urge to express themselves creatively but don't know how. (you do not need to be an artist in any way…!)
  • Feel the call to something deeper, higher and wider
  • Already have some kind of spiritual practise, and would somehow like to capture the experiences that you are having
  • Feel the urge to be part of a caring and sensitive group to bring creative support and insight to your practice.

Why “SoulScape”?

"Soul" refers to the fragment of divine inner light that is really and uniquely you. "..Scape" draws attention to experiencing this spark as a landscape, or seascape. This interior can experinceced individually, or collectively - hence "SoulScape".

SoulScaping is a profoundly simple creative practice that enables those with little or no artistic experience to capture, integrate, and share those rare moments of aliveness that make up the fabric of our Soul. This is an experience-led approach. The system itself is grounded in the latest contemporary thinking of quantum advances in science, and psychology.

Transforming from What To What?

Through this sequence we transform Stress to stillness, worry to active imagination, distraction to attention, rage to passion. Each of these are energies that have “no place to go”. They can be seen as a string on a harp. Some of these strings are too loose, which can lead to apathy or “feeling flat”. Some are too tight, leading to a sharpness, and a clenching in our inner being.  These are subtle strings that weave together to form our unique configuration of energy pathways.

The cumulative gains of this practice are a cleansing of one inner being, and a clearer sense of purpose, vitality and inner direction.

It takes practice. But the pathway is gentle, patient, and powerful.


How does "SoulScaping" unfold?

This creative pathway is created as we walk it together. I have intuited some sense of the journey, and I have extracted elements from an ever evolving multidimensional “map” of what I perceive as the Imaginal World. I call this map “The SoulScape”.

However, I will carefully tune into the needs of the group, and create each session, as we walk this pathway together.

Ultimately, each of these titles is a “working title” that will almost certainly take a new form by the time we have our live session together. 

The reason for this is that The Soul is always in a state of fluid movement. Transformation is a messy non-linear, and highly fluid occurrence.

We live in a world of so much order, and structure and so, to accommodate this transformation, we conjoin these material and ethereal worlds by adapting this course as we create together. 

We shall be led primarily by our inner experience.

Though there is a sequence to this journey, you can join at any time. Each session is created both as a stand alone session, and part of unfolding sequence.

These sessions do the best they can to accommodate that reality.

In truth we will create the path as we walk it together, and I would love to hear what ideas you have for sessions too!

At the time of writing, I see that this transformational journey takes us through the three realms.

The first is seeing our "self image" through the lens of the "Inner Garden". Here we nurture aspects of confident trust, values and well being.

We may enter into the world image of our inner "Courtyard" were we explore our beliefs, our values and how we really see the world, to home, to nature, to humanity.

The "Temple" is where our "Soul Image" resides, and us ultimately the deeper path of "Soul as Symphony".


The Three Realms


A Library of SoulScaping Tools at Your Fingertips

Many of these live sessions will draw inspiration from a library of programs held in the membership portal.

You will have immediate access to a wealth of creative tools to nurture your inspiration. These tools take the form of self paced courses, ebooks and videos to help you nurture your own SoulScaping practice. 

This library of self paced courses will be made available to you to help you develop and nurture your own self paced personal practise of SoulScaping.You will be personally guided to how each of these sessions is part of the map of the SoulScape, and the richness and benefits of each session.

"The Soul Notes" One Of The Many Courses You will be Given Immediate Access to..

PLEASE BE AWARE YOU CAN JOIN IN AT ANY TIME. This is like a rolling stream that you can jump into (and out of) at any time.

The DATES AND The current working titles for these sessions are:

2024 DATES

  1. “SoulScaping- Creating the Future”
    Creating art inspired by the light of your future self.
    Jan 25, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  2. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by...
    Feb, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  3. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by...
    Mar, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  4. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by..
    Apr, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  5. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by..
    May, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  6. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by..
    June, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  7. “SoulScaping-tbc”
    Creating art inspired by...
    July, 2024 08:00 PM UK

  8. SoulScaping-tbc
    Creating art inspired by..
    Aug, 2024 08:00 PM UK

By the end of these sessions you will lit up many aspects of your inner world.  

You will reap the rewards of releasing the energies contained in each of these holding patterns of humanity, and see the full spectrum of your potential in the world.

"SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe. Through the step-by-step approach you are using, I can connect my head with my heart, come into a flow of creativity and let my hands express my inner feelings. I'm happy, grateful and delighted to be part of that transformative process." H.L Course Participant

Though there is a sequence to this journey, you can join at any time.

This is a “rolling”  monthly pathway which means you can join in at whichever stage of the journey you like. The format for the sessions are something like this:

  1. Live hour 90 minute zoom sessions with sessions occurring monthly on roughly every third Thursday at 8pm UK of the Month.
  2. Each stage is supported by an imaginal practise, a writing and a video using artwork from my own collections to get a visceral sense of each of these potentials inside you. These are all held in the SoulScaping Membership Portal.
  3. Group numbers are unlimited which means we all benefit from the power of collective co-creative updraft of creating in larger and larger groups.
  4. Breakout sessions into smaller groups build community, and enable you to be mutually enriched in a supportive environment.

You will emerge from this pathway seeing yourself, and your unique symphony of light and darkness in a whole new way.


Your Investment

Your can access "SoulScaping" simply by signing up here:

Monthly Live Virtual Sessions and Membership Portal :

£125 per session (email or 

£97 per month when you Sign up here

This Includes:

  1. Each monthly session stage is supported by an imaginal practise, a video, and context setting writing. This also includes downlaodable artwokrs for your own continued contemplation, using artwork from my own collections to get a visceral sense of each of these potentials inside you.
  2. The SoulScaping collective Membership This course is lovingly held in The SoulScaping Collective, a Membership platform that is a safe place to share artwork, and best practices. This includes two courses "The Power Of Attention and "Feeling Truly Alive."
  3. BONUS 1: Access to the The Soul Notes Course Self Paced Course (value £295) 13 Recorded Sessions inspired by the Soul Notes for you to engage your the unique aliveness of your Self Image (you can see the live curriculum here)
  4. BONUS 2: Access to the Soul Chords Self Paced Course (value £295)
    13 Recorded Sessions to lead you into the life patterns contained in your Soul Image. “The Soul Chords - Aligning with The Patterns of Life”  is an experiential pathway into the fractal patterns that form Life, the cosmos, and the fabric of the Soul.

The Soul Notes Self Paced Course

All sessions are recorded and held in an online learning portal

Your can access "SoulScaping" simply by signing up here:

Monthly Live Virtual Sessions and Membership Portal :

£125 per session (email or 

£97 per month when you Sign up here

Still not Sure? 

Email to arrange a one to one zoom session to see if this course is right for you and ask any questions.

Thankyou so much, and I CANNOT wait to take you into the center or centers of your own SoulScape.

Louis Parsons