SoulScaping - Your Original Self

The Soulscape Your Original Self Course  is an invitation to develop SoulSaping as a creative practice, in a small community of creators. 

Through a series of uniquely crafted sessions, I will personally guide you through a set of curated creative experiences that will enable you to re-imagine yourself, and re-create our world.

Benefits to cultivating the SoulScaping Practices are:

  • Feeling more alive every day
  • Recondition your mind and nervous system to creatively adapt to uncertainty 
  • Flourish in your sense of your authenticity, purpose and meaning
  • A greater strength and resilience of mind
  • A deep release of your unique creativity (without needing an artistic bone in your body)
  • Confidence to use of your imagination to create the life experience you want to create
  • Sharing in a like minded community of creators
  • It's FUN, profound, exhilarating and life expanding.

The benefits of structuring this over an extended period of time are many. Firstly, we focus on a number of incredibly beautiful and powerful human capacities that lie innate inside us. By nurturing capacities (like you aliveness, your foresight, your ability to see the future, your ability to fully integrate your past experiences) you free up vast amounts of blocked creative energy, and live a more vitalised and authentic life.  

SoulScaping in a live community setting is a beautiful, safe and inspiring experience that frees up many other capacities including:

  • How to really see
  • How to deeply listen
  • how to truly bond and empathise.

I know you have experienced the process once, and painted  a time when you feel truly alive. Honestly, this is just the tip of Psyches iceberg. Imagine what happens when you create a mosaic of your life's most precious moments, from the past, present and future. It's like electricity to the body of your soul.

I have carefully architected this journey into a powerful set of experiences called “SoulScaping Your Original Self”.


"SoulScaping for me has opened a new world. I have not painted for many years (& I am truely an amateur), so it was lots of fun to start again. But now, in the process, I realize that it is a lot more than "just painting", even a lot more than being creative."


SoulScaping - Your Original Self

In this course we unlock the path to your Original Self. Your self image is “the holding Pattern'' for your psyche. It's here that you consciously and subconsciously decide what is possible and not possible for you. It's in the self image that you decide how you are experiencing your life every single day, and how you choose to show up and behave to others. By SoulScaping different facets of your self image you expand your capacity to perceive, live, and experience a fuller, and more authentic life, and integrate parts of yourself that you have left behind.

Session outlines include:

  1. Being in your element
  2. Your spectrum of possibility
  3. Your Unique Way of Being
  4. Turning Fear into Freedom
  5. Authentic Resilience
  6. Your Unshakeable Purpose


"SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe. Through the step-by-step approach you are using, I can connect my head with my heart, come into a flow of creativity and let my hands express my inner feelings. I happy, grateful and delighted to be part of that transformative process." H.L Course Participant


Course Description

This is a three month course with:

  1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
  2. Sessions are recorded, and included in your online learning platform
  3. 4 Beautiful ebooks with guided journaling questions, an imaginal visualization, and video to complement each session.
  4. Group numbers are limited to 6 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

My live facilitation rates are between £950 and £2950 for one session (for large groups). What I have created for you is a path that is more profoundly transformational by having a series of more intimate group virtual sessions.

Price for SoulScaping Your Original Self:

Three monthly payments of £295. (Total: £885)


Sign up Offer: Get a giclee print worth £495 (you only pay shipping)

The first course starts Thursday 24th September 2020 4.30pm and we meet bi-weekly at these times.