SoulScaping Retreat - January 2024

1/2 Day Virtual SoulScaping Retreat - To Set your Core Intentions for 2024

Saturday 13th January 2024 3pm-6pm  UK Time

For many 2023 was a challenging and tumultuous year. It can feel like we are being assailed by waves from all directions. I believe we are being called to collectively learn to surf these waves of change.

We are being called to handle ever changing complexity in deeper, and more resonant ways. There is nothing quite like harnessing the power of your creativity to this, and embracing your innate powers of Hindsight, Foresight and Insight.

In this expanded 1/2 Day retreat session we will take the time to use the SoulScaping process to discern your core intentions and deep themes for this year. Through this you will be able to more successfully navigate times of change and upheaval, and even learn to ride these waves with elegance and poise.

This retreat will take the form of three stages:

Looking Back: Using Hindsight

We will take a look at the body of work that you created through your sessions and identify themes and patterns throughout the work. This is a powerful way to see the seeds of new beginnings.

Looking Ahead: Using Foresight

With these new patterns in mind, we will create work inspired by what a new future could look like for you, one that is more aligned to the patterns you identify in your work. 

The future, like time, flows in two directions. We can emanate our energies forward, and we can tune into a part of us that seems to have walked the path ahead. We'll take the time to creatively explore this dynamic.

Looking In: Using Insight

We'll use the power of the collective group to create a journal extract or a a piece of art forged in the power of hindsight and foresight.

Who are you going to be? and how are you going to show up this year (and beyond)?

This way we truly bring ourselves into the future we want to create. 

My intention is that we will feel poised and ready to take on this year, like an artist ready to create,  to turn the feelings and experiences of that which will come into the art of our life experience.

 A “sketch” of the approximate timings:

3pm - Retreat Context : The dynamic Interplay of Hindsight - Insight and Foresight

3.15 pm - Hindsight:  Group Journaling Practise
  • What are the key themes in your artwork? (shapes, colours, patterns and content)
  • What do these themes say about your gift, and what you can bring into the future?

  • 3.30 pm- Break - (Bring lunch if you would like to share it virtually)

    4.00 pm  “Core Intentions” - Painting Practise

    4.30 pm   Foresight:  Group SoulScaping Practise
  • Reflecting on the key themes of hindsight, and considering the challenges and promises of the future, what does poise/readiness look like for you?

  • 5.15 pm Insight:  Group SoulScaping Practise 

    5.45 pm : Looking ahead to the rest this year - Building a Community of Practice

    6.00 pm - Finish 

    What you will need:

    Please bring the artwork that you have created in these sessions so far, artwork, or have photographs of your artwork that you have taken on your SoulScaping journey so far.

    You may like to start a dedicate SoulScaping journal where you can begin to combine your art, and key insights into one place.

    Its is £195 to join this Retreat.

    Please email to confirm your place and registration.