Activating The Temple Of Light
Activating The Temple Of Light

Activating The Temple Of Light

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29.7 X 42 cm = 11.7 x 16.5"

A3 Prints On Museum Quality Titanium Lustre Paper. They have a 5 cm (2") white border.

The Temple of Light serves as the musical staff of the cosmos. In the same way that a musical staff provides a framework for positioning notes in a symphony, our cosmic staff, this exquisite Temple of Light, holds together the soul arcs that span various realms. This orchestra is guided by divine intelligence and our own intertwined contributions, forming a grand symphony as we activate each of these orbitals and centers.

As we do this, we ignite a symphony of light that resonates throughout the cosmos, contributing to our collective cosmic symphony. This symphony incorporates both major and minor notes, recognizing the hardships and suffering we endure, but also acknowledging the light and joy permeating our lives.

Through these arcs of knowledge and existence, we return to the understanding that our soul, in essence, is a symphony.

This unlimited edition print run of will is signed and hand embellished.