"Faith" Oil On Canvas

"Faith" Oil On Canvas

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“Faith" Oil On Canvas

Original Oil On Canvas. 90 cm x 30 cm

I often get asked "How long does it take you to paint an original?"

The simple answer is "All my life!"

These oil on canvas paintings are the culmination of a decades of work. That works includes both mastery of oil painting techniques, and mastering of the energy and information that I turn into artwork. This learning will never cease. The more I learn about how my art moves people, the more I evolve as an artist.

Original Oil on Canvas artwork is built upon many washes of colour, textures and oriental papers to obtain a delicate textured surface that feels vibrant, alive and unique. These are finished with thin and dense layers of oil paint on canvas to reflect a beautiful luminosity into your living or work space.

There are two payment options and a rental option:

1. You can pay in full

2. Pay A Deposit. By getting in touch directly, you can make a deposit on the painting. By paying a deposit, you ensure your immediate ownership of the painting. You then get in touch directly with louis@louisparsons.com to make a payment plan to complete your purchase, arrange personal pick up, or delivery, and meet Louis in person at the studio, or at a place of your choosing.

Reserves that are paid are non-refundable.

3. It is also possible to rent Original Oil On Canvas artwork for your office or at home. If you would like to consider this option, get in touch at louis@louisparsons.com 


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