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"This is not only a local renaissance. It's a world renaissance. It's happening at a global scale. That's why it's hard to see. Pockets are springing up all over the place, we just need to join the dots. This is not only a Renaissance of mind.

It's more than that. It's an expanding of our minds back to the original source of everything: Our creativity. Our soul. This “World Soul Renaissance” is occurring as we speak. It's trembling in the earth beneath your feet.

It lies just one the other side of a crisis. It's the silent music that hangs shimmering in the air around us. Just close your eyes. Listen. And feel the light of aliveness expand inside you as you do.
And you'll know whether these words are true."

It's easy to look out at the world and feel at a loss. And It may seem like an insane time to consider that this is the time for a Re-Birth of what it means to be really human.

As systems dissolve, they become fluid, and more receptive to change than ever. A small intention has a dramatic ripple effect.

Over the next few decades we will undoubtedly experience more change than ever before. "Fixing the problem" is not the solution. Seeing yourself, and this world in a whole new world way enables you to BE something that is ALREADY INSIDE YOU. Then the problems are seen in a whole new way too.

It's tough to see this. And it's tough to see it on your own. Which is why developing practices to see the inner world that we all share.. to TRUST that iiner world is essential. Wether thats through express kindness in communities, or a group prayer or meditation group.

Sharing our lived experience.. our hopes and dreams and fears is what will see us more essential than ever. It is how the new world steps forth through us.

Nature itself has higher order patterns embedded in it. These patterns cant be manufactured. There is not a ladder high enough to reach them. They can be accessed using your imagination. And they feel like coming home.

These embedded patterns enable us to leap upto (and drop into) whole new experiences of self-organisation.

This helps us as leaders, fathers, mothers, business owners.. humans to evolve. Its flourishes a new world into being.


Feel free to download the e-book "World Soul Renaissance" as a first step to see how you can receive the knowing that all you need is already inside you.


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