Re-Visioning Humanity

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“Re-Visioning Humanity” is an experiential pathway into the evolution of life and humanity through 10 powerful artworks.

This monthly creative pathway has two aims: 

  1. For you to see the trajectory of life's evolution through 10 powerful artworks, and to be inspired by real HOPE for humanity's future.

  2. For You to experientially identify the gifts and the energies that are inside each of these for you.

You will emerge from this pathway seeing Nature and Humanity in a whole new way, and knowing what your contributions are to making the world a better place.

(You may have already tried a free session “SoulScaping - Create Space For You” and if you haven't please feel free to sign up and give it a go.)

“Re-Visioning Humanity” is a creative pathway into ten portals of experience that describe a way of looking at the world.


This is an “orbiting” monthly pathway which means you can join in at whichever stage of the journey you like. 

  1. Live hour 90 minute zoom sessions with sessions occurring monthly
  2. Each stage is supported by an imaginal practise using “The Human Story Collection” to get a visceral sense of each of these potentials inside you, and see how cultures are shaped by this world view
  3. Group numbers are unlimited which means we all benefit from the power of creating in larger and larger groups.
  4. Breakout sessions into smaller groups build community, and enable you to be mutually enriched in a supportive environment.

These Sessions include:

  1. “The Big Picture and Our Moment” (The Human Story - SEVEN and EIGHT)
    A concise overview of the Human Story - and where we are now. You will create art inspired by what hope looks and feels like for you.

  2. “Sourced In Creativity” (The Human Story - ONE)-(The Human Story - ONE)
    Every story has a beginning, and how we define our beginnings define who we really are. How do you define it?

  3. “The trajectory of life catalyses adversity” (Mini Series)
    Here we see the beauty of life coalescing into the first cells. I'll also share two powerful stories life has not only overcome adversity but used it as a catalytic foundation for the evolution of nature.
  4. “The Ocean Of Consciousness” (The Human Story - TWO)
    All of life coalesces to form the first spark of human awareness. What does this experience of union hold for us, before we are even born?

  5. “Seeing The World As Pure Magic” (The Human Story - THREE) 
    Your Imagination is the most precious gift you have. Nurturing the energies that flow from stillness brings fresh vigour to you.

  6. “The Source Of Power” (The Human Story - FOUR)
    With the birth of ego, comes the expression of power. What do you do with yours?

  7. “Opening The Heart” (The Human Story - FIVE)
    The dawn of language and civilization brought us so so much, but what did we lose? The first of three great separations.

  8. Opening The Mind” (The Human Story - SIX)
    The emergence of rational thinking, and the birth of science shows the mechanism of the universe.. The second of three great separations.

  9. Humanity, Nature and Technology” (The Human Story - SEVEN)
    An insight into the world's current predicament, and its promise to be a stepping stone into our future.

  10. Renaissance 2.0” (The Human Story - EIGHT)
    What does the future hold? The uncovering of that which has been, collective gifts contained in collective trauma, and making them alive in you, is the very work of SoulScaping. You are the New Renaissance. What does that mean for the world?

  11. The Symphony of Being” (The Human Story - NINE)
    Entering into a flow state enables you to the world as a symphony of light and shadow. You have a significant note to sound out in the orchestration of its being.

  12. The Journey Of Transcendence - All The Way Home” (The Human Story - TEN)
    The end of the journey? Or the beginning of a new one? Moments of transcendence point the way, and give us faith to make the leap into the next world.


      Through every stage of life's unfolding, we lose something, and we can gain something. More than ever it's essential we take a good look at how we can release these long neglected energies inside all of us, and see ourselves as we truly are. Nature, Humanity, and the future of the planet depend on it. But this whole pathway leans toward hope, beauty and  deep resilience. This is the story that it's time for you not just to hear but to EXPERIENCE for yourself.

      By the end of these sessions you will have identified the shadow and the light through each of these powerful lenses of looking at the world.  

      You will reap the rewards of releasing the energies contained in each of these holding patterns of humanity, and see the full spectrum of your potential in the world.

      "SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe. Through the step-by-step approach you are using, I can connect my head with my heart, come into a flow of creativity and let my hands express my inner feelings. I'm happy, grateful and delighted to be part of that transformative process." H.L Course Participant

      By the end of these sessions you will have developed the foundation for a solid  SoulScaping practise and reaped the rewards of releasing the energies contained in each of these Soul potentials.

      This community is one of the most exciting things to emerge from this work. It's growing and evolving with a life of its own. 

      I've wanted to make it as affordable as I can whilst also making sure those who join truly see the value of the power of their own creativity.

      Self Paced Digital Course - Coming Soon




      All of the artwork created in these sessions can be kept for your own personal use, and if you wish to, can be contributed to the World Soul Mosaic.

      Have you ever thought how creativity can really shape the world?

      Imagine a Mosaic of artwork made up of dreams, visions, hopes and moments of aliveness. A window like this lets us really peer into how the world can really be when we are all living at our fullest potential. It is the world that wants to be reborn through us and through the practise of SoulScaping.

      You can contribute your artwork to the World Soul Mosaic. There you will get supportive insight from a growing community of SoulScape practitioners who will say what they love about your work, and how it inspires them. This way you can learn continuously from what you create, and keep honing your personal practise.

      By sharing your SoulScape artwork this way, you are contributing energetically and creativity to an evolving new view of how the world can be seen and experienced. 

      You will see you are a small but highly significant part of a substantial bigger picture!

      The SoulScape process is a creative practise that I have personally distilled through 20 years of art practise. This practise has taken me around the world, from being a Guest Artist in Residence at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa and Serengeti. SoulScape artwork has been commissioned from £5000 - £60,000. When I get to share this process I have trained over 3000 people in how to create their own SoulScape, mainly in high level corporate leadership settings in places like Microsoft, Ebay, Visa, Deloitte. Normally my daily rates are between £950 and £4,950 to deliver this to large audiences.

      (I share this because I want it to be clear just how proud I am of SoulScaping and just how much impact I have seen it have on 1000s of lives. It feels like rare providence and grace that I am able to sustain my life by being an artist and sharing what I love so deeply.)

      And Yet, to me this course feels like part of the purest and deepest expression of my work to date. It is my unifying masterwork, it goes deeper and further than all of my work so far.

      Self Paced Digital Course - Coming Soon


      "SoulScaping for me has opened a new world. I have not painted for many years (& I am truely an amateur), so it was lots of fun to start again. But now, in the process, I realize that it is a lot more than "just painting", even a lot more than being creative."

      Self Paced Digital Course - Coming Soon


      Then, please email me at and I will send you all of the details for the course and support community. 

      I really look forward to enabling you to Re-Vision Humanity through the power of SoulScaping together,