SoulScaping - Flourishing Your World Into Being

 12 Week Deeper Online Creativity Course to Evolve your World View and Reveal Hope

(This course is included in The Soul Alignment Programme)

“The Flourishing Your World Into Being” course explores the next profound image that shapes our psyche - the ”World Image”. This image holds the keys to developing incredible ways of seeing and ways of being. 

The world image is the lens through which you look at the world, and create the world, as it emerges through you. 

Your "old world" image has shaped you into the person you are today. 

Arguably, this is the one thing that the world needs most to shift, and to change in all of us. By identifying our glass ceilings to growth, and the hard edges of limiting beliefs in our root systems, we can break through to a whole new you, and a whole new world. 

By creating art from this place, you will break through layers and identify potentials, unearth gifts and insights, and liberate your awareness from how the world patterns have shaped you. 

"SoulScaping is a journey that connects me with myself, my group of fellow SoulScapers and the Universe. Through the step-by-step approach you are using, I can connect my head with my heart, come into a flow of creativity and let my hands express my inner feelings. I happy, grateful and delighted to be part of that transformative process." H.L Course Participant

Art has a habit of changing the world. Combined with a sustained imaginal practise you will see the world in a whole new way, and see how your creativity contributes to the new world that is currently emerging.

These awareness expanding experiences will reshape and remould the paradigm that holds all me, you and all of humanity back in being the fullest and best version of itself that it can be. 

In this entirely unique experience we truly build the path as we walk it. There are 6 sessions in total comprising 4 fixed session outlines plus 2 uniquely crafted sessions. 

(These sessions draw inspiration from “The World Soul Renaissance” ebook.)

These Sessions outlines and dates are:

    1. “The World I Am Creating” - tbc
      Here we identify what your aliveness looks like as it connects with the generation of the emerging new world. By identifying your aliveness this way, you increase motivation to make the changes you know you are being called to make.

    2. “When My World Changed”- tbc
      In this session you gain clarity on the last time you went through a transformation. By identifying the things that held you back, and how you have been shaped by these trials, you gain fresh confidence to make your new transformation a reality.

    3. “Chaos and Order (The Known and Unknown)” - tbc
      Creativity is the art of adapting to the unknown. By establishing your own unique connection to the principles of chaos and order, you will be empowered as you balance these dynamic polarities.

    4. “The Weight Of The World” - tbc
      By seeing the world through the eyes of abundance, you will see countless new opportunities for your own growth and potential.

    5. “The World Soul” - tbc
      I will personally create this session to serve the unique needs of this group.

    6. “Birthing a New World” - tbc
      I will personally create this session to serve the unique needs of this group.

Each of these sessions helps de-program us from the mechanistic world view, and live a fuller, deeper, more meaningful life that is aligned with the energies of the Psyche that are liberated through this process. We are careful to weave these experiences back into a grounded and embodied way. 

Course Description

  1. Six live 2 hour zoom sessions with sessions occurring fortnightly
  2. I personally generate 2 live sessions to uniquely meet with and expand the needs of the group, as we evolve and grow together.
  3. 4 Beautiful ebooks with guided journaling questions, an imaginal visualization, and video to complement each session.
  4. Group numbers are limited to 12 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

Group numbers are limited to 12 to ensure intimacy of numbers and a high quality peer learning experience.

The total price for SoulScaping - Flourishing Your World Into Being is £699 (or £233 a month for three months).

(This course is included in The Soul Alignment Programme)

"SoulScaping for me has opened a new world. I have not painted for many years (& I am truly an amateur), so it was lots of fun to start again. But now, in the process, I realize that it is a lot more than "just painting", even a lot more than being creative."

As this is such an intimate course, I want to know this is right of you, for me, and the group that is forming. If you feel this is for you please email me at and we will arrange a preliminary zoom conversation to connect. 

Email me at

I really look forward to enabling you to "Flourish Your World Into Being" through the power of SoulScaping together,