Gene Keys - Your Lifes Work

A live Virtual SoulScaping Session to contemplate and create art inspired by the Gene Key of your Life's Work.

3pm-5pm UK Time: Wednesday 12th January. 12 Places Available.

Contemplation and creativity are two beautifully intertwined paths to deeper integration and embodiment of any spiritual truth. 

SoulScaping brings these two pathways together into a single dance of experiential grace. I am especially excited to open up a SoulScaping pathway for us to imbibe the transmission of the Gene Keys together.

Whether you are completely new to the Gene Keys, or a seasoned practitioner, I want to invite you to this simple but powerful process to creatively express the Gene Key in your Life's Work.

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys have been a powerful contemplative pathway for me. They have opened my eyes to the realm of shadow, gift and siddhi in distinctly unique areas of my life. As this has happened, magic has occurred. Previously pent up energy that I was intolerant of and reacting to, I have been  able to embrace and flow with. As Richard Rudd, Founder of the Gene Keys says:

“The Gene Keys Process is about your Giving yourself freedom, and this freedom begins in your imagination. You have to open yourself up to the highest possibilities of your own nature.”

Richard Rudd - The Gene Keys - Embracing Your Higher Purpose

Each Gene Key is a Universal Archetype that gives us access to a specific shadow, gift and siddhi inside us. We will explore each facet of this in our session together.


What Is SoulScaping?

SoulScaping is the art of using your imagination and our creativity to create a piece of art that enables you to discover who you really are. 

If you are new to SoulScaping try out this first session which involves you creating a piece of art inspired by a time when you feel truly alive.

You don't need an artistic bone in your body to do it (I promise!) Just the ability to worry.  I know that sounds strange, but worry is creativity. If you are good at worrying you will love this.

What is your Lifes Work?

We begin this journey by looking deeply within the Gene Key contained in the sphere of your Life's Work. This is the first step of the Activation Sequence that opens us up to our Genius.

Your Life’s Work: 

  • This aspect of your Profile and its relevant Gene Key highlights the ideal arena for your external work in the world. 
  • This is the role that most suits your creative expression and that allows you the full freedom to be yourself without compromise. 
  • The Shadow of this Gene Key describes what tends to occur around you when you lose touch with your true self. 
  • At the other end of the spectrum, the Siddhi or highest potential of this Gene Key describes you living at the absolute zenith of your genetic potential.

(Source: Gene Keys: Activation Sequence)

Prerequisites for this workshop

If you already have these things, then read on!

The Power Of SoulScaping Your Gene Keys 

As I have been contemplating the Gene Keys, rich imagery comes to my imagination. The power of articulating this on paper or canvas is that we give our Soul time to breathe and express the full nature of each of these gene keys. I have been deeply impressed with the transmission (which is why I have trained to become a Gene Keys Guide.)

SoulScaping is cathartic. Why? Because we take the time to fully digest an energetic transmission, feel what it means to us, uniquely, and then take the time to express this externally.

My real reason for doing this is to create a powerful co-generative environment where we can experience these Gene Keys together in a spirit of mutual revelation.

“SoulScaping - The Gene Keys - Lifes Work” has one aim: To embrace the shadow, release the gift and feel into the Siddhi of your Life's Work.

This is a two hour live virtual session that includes:

  1. An imaginal practice, and a creative practice for you to create a SoulScape artwork  inspired by your Lifes Work
  2. We create artwork Live together in the session (no artistic experience is required)
  3. Sessions are recorded, and included in your online learning platform
  4. Workshop numbers are limited to 12.  We imagine, create and share together in small feedback circles of 3 to ensure the powerful collective learning of a group in a creative field.
  5. This is expertly and caringly facilitated to nurture intimacy to share your Gene Key experience and in a high quality peer learning environment.

The Session Title and Timing:

  1. “Your Lifes Work” - 3pm-5pm UK Time: Wednesday 12th January
    We will enter into a group imaginal practise to embrace the shadow, release the gift and feel the siddhi. We then enter into a collective SoulScaping Practise and share our experiences in feedback circles. Following this we share our key insights together.

(Possible future sessions will include the spheres of:

  • Your Evolution
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Radiance

These are the next steps on the Activation Sequence of The Golden Path.)

I'm offering this session on your ”Lifes Work” for £95. 
Please book your ticket here:

As this is such an intimate course, I want to know this is right of you, for me, and the group that is forming. If you feel this is for you please email me at and I am happy arrange a preliminary zoom conversation to connect if you wish.

I really look forward to enabling you to explore and embody “Your Lifes work” through the power of SoulScaping together,