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The Power Of Attention

“Turning Within” Oil On Canvas (Detail) by Louis Parsons. Seeds of Fire “Seeds of fire, Burn my soul. Uncreated. Unrealised. Time to turn within.” Your imagination is a seed bed of ideas. At the centre of each of these seeds, there is pure, pulsating life.  Not much. But just enough. Just enough to keep it alive. Germinating these ideas takes two core conditions of growth.  The first is silence. In the darkness of pure silence, these seeds absorb the energy that they crave to live, to thrive, to become. The second is attention. By paying attention to these ideas, a supercharging of the growth process occurs. The light of attention reacts and combines with the dark, sustaining, moist earth of...

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Why is this guy smiling? (Because the chances of this happening are 1:31,564,000!)

Recently I held a VisionScaping workshop with Vistage. Vistage are a peer learning group that seek to inspire a new level of leadership through direct strategy, learning and implementation. My session is called “The Art Of Realising Your Vision”, Together we create a vision of your future in acrylic on canvas. Something really quite .... inexplicable happened in the art workshop I ran with a Vistage Group on Tuesday  (12th December). What do you make of this?Mike Hine was just sharing what his painting was about. Take a close look at the second picture and you’ll see the numbers in the top of his painting... 12:12. “What’s that?” someone asked.“It’s the time I ran my Iron Man race in. 12...

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The Soul Renaissance

For around 11 years now I have been attempting to articulate what a Manifesto for a New Renaissance would be. One week ago, two art students from the local college came to my studio, and wanted to ask more about my work. A series of very intense and conversations, sharing of philosophies and art practices led me to realize the time is now to share this. These words show how a certain type of art points us to a whole new level of perceiving reality. This way of seeing is described in different circles as Integral, Whole System, Teal, Evolutionary, New Paradigm and many other names.

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