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Why is this guy smiling? (Because the chances of this happening are 1:31,564,000!)

Recently I held a VisionScaping workshop with Vistage. Vistage are a peer learning group that seek to inspire a new level of leadership through direct strategy, learning and implementation. My session is called “The Art Of Realising Your Vision”, Together we create a vision of your future in acrylic on canvas. Something really quite .... inexplicable happened in the art workshop I ran with a Vistage Group on Tuesday  (12th December). What do you make of this?Mike Hine was just sharing what his painting was about. Take a close look at the second picture and you’ll see the numbers in the top of his painting... 12:12. “What’s that?” someone asked.“It’s the time I ran my Iron Man race in. 12...

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The Soul Renaissance

For around 11 years now I have been attempting to articulate what a Manifesto for a New Renaissance would be. One week ago, two art students from the local college came to my studio, and wanted to ask more about my work. A series of very intense and conversations, sharing of philosophies and art practices led me to realize the time is now to share this. These words show how a certain type of art points us to a whole new level of perceiving reality. This way of seeing is described in different circles as Integral, Whole System, Teal, Evolutionary, New Paradigm and many other names.

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